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Faster funnels, happier visitors, more conversion
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Page Builder
Insanely fast & Free-Form Page Editor
Easily create landing pages in minutes—without a developer. Just drag and drop elements into the page then move it, resize it and arrange it how you want . No complex structure. No rows. No columns.
With our fee form editor you can easily move or rearrange any element anywhere in the page.
Make the mobile view look view exactly how you want. Adjust positions, rearrange or resize elements, show entirely different contents.
Make the mobile view look view exactly how you want. Adjust positions, rearrange or resize elements, show entirely different contents.
Dynamic Text
Lightning Fast Pages
Custom Domain
Split Test
Timed Delay Elements
Multi Step Box
Background Videos
2 Steps Pop Up
1000+ Font Selection
Sticky Header & Footer
Wordpress Plugin
Share Funnels
Custome Css & Html
Tracking Code
Re-Usable Blocks
Checkout Elements
Custom Fields
Faster funnels, happier visitors, moore conversion
Accelerate your page speed, Reduce bounce rate and increase conversion with Funnelair lightning fast pages that will loads insanely fast.
Customers who build their funnels and website on Funnelair have 45% higher conversion than those who don't.
Funnel  Planner
A clean free-form planner to map your funnel
No need to use white boards anymore!
Our free-form funnel planner makes it so easy to plan your entire funnel and make it exactly how you want.
 Collect  Leads
Quickly capture your visitors contact information
Your business need leads to survive and funnelair makes it so easy to Quickly capture your visitors contact information
Unlimited forms & leads
Unlimited custom fields
Pass on form data with query string
Capture url query strings
Post leads to a webhook url
Everything you need to collect payments from your customers
Selling a digital or a physical product?
yes? cool.
We are built to make you sell more, maximize the value of every customer and simplify your business at the same time
Paypal & stripe integration
Trial, subscriptions and one time offers
One-click upsells and order bumps
Product quantity, variant and SKU
Billing portal for your customers
Multi- step checkout flow
Post sales, refunds events to a webhook url
Powerfull analytics that you can lean on
Dive deep into your stats and see exactly where your funnel is leaking, optimize and launch a split test as needed
Track visitors, leads and sales in one place
See split test performance
Filter report by url queries
Great Customer Service
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24x7 support
Get the help you need, when you need it.
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