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Funnelair vs. Clickfunnels
Funnelair is a solid Clickfunnels alternative, providing everything you’ll need for building funnels and websites, collecting leads, sell your products and services online, send broadcast and drip emails and automate your entire business with our smart automation tools.
A recent study by google and amazon shows that the faster your page load the more it will convert, Funnelair pages can load up to over 4 times faster then Clickfunnels. in the 2 screenshots below we have imported Clickfunnels page into Funnelair builder and then we have compared the speed of both pages against each other at GTMetrix, the result was funnelair page has been fully loaded in less then 0.9 second VS Clickfunnels page has been fully loaded in 4.3 seconds.
Fully loaded in less than 0.9 second
Fully loaded in 4.3 second
Funnelair is a completely free-from planner which give you a better vision on your funnel and create complex funnels unlike clickfunnel where you are limited to linear planning
Checkout elements βœ” βœ”
Custom fields βœ” βœ”
Seo settings βœ” βœ”
Editor Full free-form Block-based
Lightning fast Pages βœ” ✘
Mobile-specific pages βœ” ✘
Tablet-specific pages βœ” ✘
In-line page editing βœ” ✘
Precise element positioning βœ” ✘
Instant publishing βœ” ✘
Dynamic Content βœ” ✘
group elements βœ” ✘
Routes unlimited up to 3
route visitors to different pages based on their submited form data βœ” ✘
click to call button βœ” ✘
Multi-step box βœ” ✘
allignment lines βœ” ✘
images and videos optimization βœ” ✘
one time charges βœ” βœ”
subscription charges βœ” βœ”
webhooks βœ” βœ”
order bump βœ” βœ”
Free products βœ” ✘
Accept credit card or paypal on a single checkout page βœ” ✘
shipping cost βœ” ✘
billing portal for your customers to update their card βœ” ✘
Add variants to your products βœ” ✘
Add SKU to your products variant βœ” ✘
Send transactional emails Advanced Limited
Add quantity element to your product βœ” ✘
fire pixel based on which product has been bought βœ” ✘
Multi-step checkout Up to 20 steps Up to 2 steps
broadcast βœ” βœ”
sequance βœ” βœ”
Import your existing leads βœ” βœ”
Behavior-Based segmentation βœ” ✘
Dynamic personalization βœ” ✘
IFs and THENs conditions βœ” ✘
Split actions βœ” ✘
Upsell and cross-sell based on past purchases βœ” ✘
send emails when your subscriber will most likely open them also called optimize sending βœ” ✘
starting price $49 $99
visitors/month 50k 20k
funnels 25 20
pages 250 100
Bugs and downtime
Ughh.....are you aware that clickfunnels is full of bugs and not stable and goes down a lot? 
if clickfunnels goes down that means all your funnels and business is down! and its even worst if you are generating paid traffic to your funnels. dont take our word for it please watch the screenshots below that has been taken from clickfunnls official facebook group and see how much people are complaining!
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